Too Early for Flapjacks?

Too Early for Flapjacks?

Too Early for Flapjacks?

The last two weekends have been pretty jam packed with activities. These photos really don’t cover all the fun we’ve had, but it’ll give you a glimpse at least.

Pancake (DeLeon) Springs where you can make your own pancakes at the table. Amazing concept and tons of fun. Morning walk along the LaChua Trail, only saw a couple gators. Laura had a riding lesson at her new barn. We did a ton of other things but they weren’t as well documented.

The next weekend we hit up Crescent Beach and I threw the GoPro onto the front of my board. Lots of fun and my bright pink belly and shoulders two days later are a constant reminder of the fun. I even re-applied the sun lotion three times in five hours. Still not enough. Oh well.

I also played around with the multiple exposure setting on my camera.

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