A Dancing Horse and Fireworks

A Dancing Horse and Fireworks

A Dancing Horse and Fireworks

Since I graduated high school,  I think there’s only been 2-3 Fourth of July weekends I haven’t worked. And that’s not a complaint. The festivals and events surrounding the 4th are usually a pretty good time.

Rain was the theme this year. It threatened, delayed or pushed forward every event…  From shopping for fireworks, to the annual Melon run to the community Firework displays and parades. And I only got wet once. (But I made a nice photo of a young couple making out in the rain so no worries.) And saw two different crazy-looking cloud formations hover over the crowd before the fireworks started.

I even took some time to hook my camera up to a telescope and photograph a far-away galaxy. Not really, those are just fireworks. I usually don’t care much for these kinds of photos since everybody shoots them, but I liked this one.

And yes, I snuck in a photo of my dogs at the Micanopy parade. This was before Roux’s adventure of getting stuck under a porch. And before meeting a cute old couple eating fried fish after the parade (see above photo)

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