Vote for Me

Vote for Me

Vote for Me

On most election nights, a newspaper photographer will be driving across town trying to hit up as many candidate “watch parties” as possible. And crossing their fingers that they don’t miss getting a photo of the winner. It’s stressful, usually doesn’t make for good photos and we always seem to miss the newsroom pizza.

That’s why I’m going to suggest that all the elections from here on out be like Newberry’s. The small town outside of Gainesville voted for a mayor and city commissioner today. The kicker? All four candidates and their supporters waited outside the one polling place (the fire station) to hear the clerk of court read the results.

Genius! It made my job a lot easier and made for some decent photos that I usually miss because I’m driving between “watch parties.” So take note any town that has elections that are covered by journalists… make it easier on everyone and just round everybody up in one spot and shout out the results. Who likes sitting around a restaurant hitting refresh on a website anyway? (And if all future candidates could wear shirts that say “vote for me” on election nights, that would help me out a lot too.)

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