Newton’s Third Law

Newton's Third Law

Newton’s Third Law

We all know it. You should have learned all about it in your high school science class. But I’m going to give this famous law a photography twist. No surprise, but sports assignments filled my February. But as I looked through everything I shot, I noticed lots of images of athletes, coaches or fans reacting one way or another. And I’ve always liked these photos more than the action shots anyway. So here’s a collection of photos of athletes, coaches, fans and even TV show hosts reacting to something dealing with sports. (and in the easiest pun ever, feel free to share your reaction to these reaction photos below.)

React_01 React_02 React_03 React_04 React_05 React_06 React_07 React_08 React_09 React_10 React_11 React_12 React_13 React_14 React_15 React_16 React_17 React_18 React_19 React_20 React_21 React_22 React_23 React_24 React_25 React_26 React_27 React_28 React_29 React_30 React_31 React_32 React_33


Of course there were a few other photos from February that I liked. Billy Donovan on glow stick night, a man thanked vets by walking outside the VA for hours collecting Valentine’s Day cards, a concert on campus, a dude fishing in a drain and a couple shots from the last event for a year in Bo Diddley Plaza before construction begins… Preservation Hall Jazz Band. (They’re just as awesome away from New Orleans)

GV020715UFvsUK1sthalf_08_mls GV021315VetsValentines_01_mls GV022415FTKarnival_01_mls GV022415RoadFishing_mls GV022615PreservationHallJazz_09_mls GV022615PreservationHallJazz_10_mls


Oh, and I ran a marathon in Ft. Lauderdale. It didn’t go quite as planned but I reached my goal. So that’s cool. It was a great weekend with great friends. And the sore legs only lasted a couple of days.

IMG_8162 IMG_8163

And last but not least… I had a little fun last weekend after a day of cutting down dead trees and limbs in our back yard. I had to get the logs from the back yard to the front curb so they could be picked up by the city. My idea didn’t go as well as I hoped, but it was still fun.



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