Lots of Pomp and Circumstance

Lots of Pomp and Circumstance

Lots of Pomp and Circumstance

Quick tip for those who don’t work for a small newspaper that covers high schools… unless you want angry emails and phone calls from parents, what you do for one school, you must do for all the schools. Good luck trying to cover one school’s homecoming but not another. Or one school’s prom, but not another. Your inbox and voice mail will be full by Monday.

So the afternoon before the first graduation, we went all-in and decided to shoot every graduation. In the course of three days, I photographed eight graduations. That’s a lot of names of kids I don’t know being read.

Another quick tip for those who have to give a graduation (or any other) speech… Don’t write out everything and and then just read your speech. Your crowd will fall asleep before you finish the introduction. And try to come up with something unique for your class. Avoid using cliche phrases that everybody’s heard a million times. I like to end my speeches or blog posts with something fun or inspiring that nobody’s ever heard before.

Anyway, it was actually a fun challenge to make different pictures at each graduation, and try to catch little moments from the grads before, during or after the ceremony.

Remember, this isn’t then end, it’s only the beginning.   DANG IT!

GV060714SantaFe_28_mls GV060714SantaFe_16_mls GV060714HawthorneGrad_15_mls GV060714HawthorneGrad_04_mls GV060714HawthorneGrad_01_mls GV060714GHSgrad_15_mls GV060714GHSgrad_13_mls GV060714GHSgrad_12_mls GV060714GHSgrad_06_mls GV060714GHSgrad_01_mls GV060714EHSgrad_14_mls GV060714EHSgrad_12_mls GV060714EHSgrad_08_mls GV060714EHSgrad_03_mls GV060714EHSgrad_02_mls GV060614PKYgraduatoin_12_mls GV060614PKYgraduatoin_01_mls GV060614BuchholzGrad_22_mls GV060614BuchholzGrad_21_mls GV060614BuchholzGrad_19_mls GV060614BuchholzGrad_16_mls GV060614BuchholzGrad_06_mls GV060514NewberryGrad_20_mls GV060514LoftenGrad_18_mls



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