Stop Cat Juggling

Stop Cat Juggling

Stop Cat Juggling

Good Lord, I’ve heard about this. Cat Juggling! I’ll be taking donations to my PayPal account to stop this horrible tradition.

January got off to a pretty good start as far as my photos are concerned. I didn’t post anything from individual assignments so I figured I’d just do a best of January thing and throw them all together.

So, in no particular order… here are my favorites from the fist 1/12 of 2014.

Lets start with sports. Plenty of basketball this time of year, but the big stuff is yet to come. So I’ll wait until March to show more. 

GV012514UFvsUT2ndHalf_15_mls GV010814UFvsUSC1st_02_mls GV010214UFvsMSUwomen_01_mls

Gymnastics flipped off this month. (awful attempt at a pun)  I don’t know much about the sport other than it’s tough to shoot and fun to watch. Last week, UF had two girls score perfect 10’s on the floor. Pretty rare and it made for some great reactions and celebration.

GV012414UFgymUGA_02_mls GV012414UFgymUGA_39_mls

My boss, Rob, has pushed us to find more feature photos and stories this year. Meaning I’ve hit the streets for some classic feature cruising more in the last month than I have in quite some time. I love it. It’s like fishing. Sometimes you get skunked and don’t find anything, other times, it’s like the fish are biting right as the lure hits the water. Here are a few of my favorites from random drives around Gainesville. Feeding birds and/or ducks, walking in the cold, painting a wall for an art show or a pick up game of roller hockey with your son on the last day of winter break.

GV012914EarlPowersFeatuers_01_mls GV011514GooseFeeding_01_mls GV012114painter_mls GV010714ColdFeature_03_mls GV010314RollerHocky_mls


These next few are from random assignments. The circus rolled through town and visited the Boys & Girls club, a soccer portrait and a gym is getting ready to shut down and the members aren’t happy.

GV011414AtoZWood_01_mls GV010914CircusCamp_10_mls GV012114LivingWell_03_mls


And finally, the annual Hoggetowne Medieval Faire. I love this thing. It’s not really my goblet of ale, but it’s a lot of fun to photograph. A couple even decided to tie the knot in front of the King and Queen. And of course, please consider making a large donation to stop cat juggling.

GV012514MedievalFair_30_mls GV012514MedievalFair_20_mls GV012514MedievalFair_18_mls GV012514MedievalFair_03_mls GV012514MedievalFair_06_mls GV012514MedievalFair_09_mls




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