Mother Nature is a softball fan

Mother Nature is a softball fan

Mother Nature is a softball fan

The plan was to drive to Vero Beach on Friday, shoot some softball games. Sleep. Wake up Saturday and shoot a game, then drive home. But I guess Mother Nature is a softball fan and wanted to celebrate Mother’s day by watching the 6A Florida State Softball game.

The Championship game on Saturday made it through three innings before lightning and a ton of rain postponed it until Sunday. So lucky me had another night in Vero Beach. Could be worse I guess. At least the final four innings (and the post-game celebration) made for some nice images. And making good images trumps almost everything else. (And the team I was covering won… so that helps too)

Softball can be pretty boring at times to shoot. There can be stretches with no action except for the pitcher throwing the ball. So getting good action moments are few and far between. So most of my favorite shots from the weekend are the celebration/dejection or feature stuff. And I even got lucky with nice light and outfield bleachers to give me another angle to shoot from.

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