The Rebel Yell

The Rebel Yell

The Rebel Yell

Tough loss for the Gators today. They lost by three to Ole Miss after having a double digit lead in the second half. A couple of questionable calls against Florida put the stud for Ole Miss on the line shooting three free throws. He made all six. A look back through my photos shows he was never touched. (See the first photo below) Marshall Henderson is the kid’s name and he’s kind of a punk. I don’t mind some celebrating , but this dude taunts opposing fans from the court, makes silly gestures and is just a… well, punk. But he’s the SEC’s leading scorer so at least he can back it up.

Speaking of celebrating, Kenny Boynton is the exact opposite of Henderson. Never celebrates or gets mad. Just plays the game. So I was shocked when I saw trot down the court holding up three fingers after hitting a trey in the first half.

Ether way, the Gators lost but will still be a high seed in the NCAA Tournament. So there’s still a lot of basketball to be played.

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